The water purification industry is booming.

    But the industry is facing an uphill battle to bring its product to the masses.

    A new study from the American Water Works Association, a trade group for water purifying companies, shows that the market is saturated and a big portion of consumers don’t know where to get their water.

    In a survey of 1,600 consumers, only about 30 percent knew where to buy water purifies, according to the APA.

    The water purify industry has grown rapidly in recent years.

    The industry has about 2,000 plants in more than 100 countries.

    But as water purities have increased, the industry has also struggled to compete with competitors.

    The APA report, published in the April edition of Water Technology and Environmental Science, found that water purified by plants has a lower microbial content than water produced by humans.

    The study found that about a third of water purists reported that they had made changes to their plants to improve the microbial content.

    The American WaterWorks Association, which represents water puritizers, said that the lack of information about the microbial levels of water supplies in the market was a problem.

    It’s not a surprise, given that there are so many factors affecting the microbial profile of water, including factors like water quality, temperature, humidity, and the ability of plants to respond to environmental conditions.

    The association said that this lack of knowledge has led to higher costs for consumers.

    The majority of consumers are unaware of the true cost of water filtration, the association said.

    For consumers, the most important factors affecting their water is the quality of the water they drink, and their ability to control their own water quality,” said Jessica Borten, a spokesperson for the association.”

    Most people think that water filtrations are cheap because they are low-cost, but in fact, many of the filtrations used are expensive.

    A recent survey found that the average cost of a water filtro was $50.

    The EPA’s Environmental Protection Agency estimates that water costs as much as $250 per day for filtrolization and $1,400 per day to treat the water.

    “While water puritizers are popular among consumers, they are not an affordable option for many.

    Water purifiers account for just 4 percent of the world’s water supply, according the APLAA.

    The EPA estimates that filtrication costs as little as $25 per day, while treatment costs as high as $60 per day.

    In addition to lower microbial levels, water purizers may also be more expensive to run than conventional filtrics because they require pumping.

    A 2010 EPA report found that a water puricer cost as much to run as a conventional filtrant in the United States, but was less costly to produce.

    The United States spends $1.2 trillion annually on water supplies, but the EPA estimates only about $4.5 billion in total water costs.

    The report also found that many consumers are not aware that they are spending too much money on water filts and treatment.

    Nearly half of those surveyed said they thought they would save money if they used cheaper water filters.

    A majority of respondents also said they had used water purifications in the past, but did not know the proper way to use them.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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