CVS Water: The $199,000 machine will cost you $1,500, plus a $500 coupon.

    You’ll get 1,000 cubic feet of water per day and a $200 coupon.

    The machine will also include a 20-minute water-purification cycle.

    K-Mart: The popular grocery chain sells a $199 machine with a $150 coupon, but it only purifies about 10 gallons per day.

    It also does not offer any of the other benefits listed in the website’s description.

    Rite Aid: The discount chain offers a $99 water purifiers for $199.99, and they include a $100 coupon.

    This model has a timer that turns on automatically after just 15 minutes.

    The $149.99 device will purify water that would cost you about $1.80 per gallon.

    Home Depot: You can get a $49 water purifying machine at Home Depot for $299.99.

    The model only purrates 10 gallons of water each day.

    There is a coupon for 10 percent off if you use it for a whole week.

    Costco: This company offers a water purging machine for $229.99 with a 20 percent coupon.

    It includes a timer, which turns on after just 5 minutes.

    There’s a coupon of 10 percent for each day you use the machine for a week.

    It’s also $1 off if used for a full week.

    Walmart: You’ll pay $79.99 for a water-cleaning machine that will puriflate water for you at home for 10 gallons a day.

    You can use it up to four times a week, but if you don’t use it, it will only purify a total of 5 gallons a week for the first two weeks.

    This is the only model to purify up to 10 gallons at a time.

    Target: You get a 20% discount on the Target Water-Purifying Filter with a coupon.

    Target also has a coupon on its website for $75 off the $149 water-screen filter. This retailer sells a free 10-gal.

    water-saver for $69.99 that will also purify 20 gallons a month.

    There are a few other items on the list for $15.

    Target sells a machine for about $100 that includes a 20 minutes cycle. offers a 30-minute cycle for $79 and a 20.5-minute filter for $139.

    The retailer also sells a 10-gallon water purger for $149 that includes an automatic timer.

    Costco sells a 60-minute machine that purifies 10 gallons.

    Target, Home Depot, and Walmart sell different types of water-filtering machines.


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