There’s a new contender in the water purification game.

    The Schauberger Ultra-Light, which costs around $50 and has a sleek black finish, has been available since May.

    It’s the latest in a long line of water purifying devices that aim to be both affordable and efficient.

    It features a compact, easy-to-carry design that’s easy to operate and has three modes: automatic, manual, and manual.

    The manual mode is particularly useful for users who don’t like to have to constantly adjust the settings in order to get the water to boil, so it’s the default mode for the first 10 minutes.

    If you’re not ready to start boiling water, you can use the manual mode, which is a bit more complicated than the manual option.

    When the Ultra-light starts heating up, the lid opens, revealing a water valve, which releases the water into a bowl.

    The bowl is then turned into a tap and the water flows into a hose attached to the pump.

    The water level is automatically monitored by a digital scale, and the Ultra is then automatically turned off.

    The only real downside to the Ultra, though, is that you can’t drain the water in order for it to cool.

    That’s something that can easily be remedied by draining the bowl with a faucet or by removing the handle from the back of the Ultra.

    Overall, though the Ultra has a lot of potential, there’s one big thing holding it back from being an absolute game-changer: its water filtration system.

    While the Schaubergers have the same water-purification technology as some of the other purification devices on the market, the Schauerberges water filter is actually much more complicated.

    It has a different filter design, which results in a different flow rate, and different filtrations.

    These filters are designed to separate the chlorine from the other two compounds (chlorine and chlorine dioxide) that contribute to the pH level of water.

    These compounds, which can be found in tap water and other household chemicals, are known as disinfectants.

    When they break down, they leach out into the environment and make the water more acidic, which means it’s less likely to make you sick.

    In the SchAUberger Ultra, the filter is made up of three separate layers, which sit on top of each other.

    When water is heated up, water passes through the filter and breaks the three layers down, leaving only the two topmost layers.

    The filter also has a “water bath” that helps neutralize chlorine and other disinfectants by slowly adding oxygen to the water.

    But it’s not as effective as a regular filter.

    The Ultra does its best to neutralize all the disinfectants, but it still doesn’t remove the chlorine that’s built into the water from your body, and so you may be left with a little chlorine that you shouldn’t be ingesting.

    For the most part, the Ultra filters are good at removing chlorine from your water, but not all of them are.

    Some of them do a better job at removing the chlorine compounds.

    The filters are pretty easy to use, but they aren’t perfect.

    You’ll have to remove the top two layers, then wash the water, and then remove the second and third layers again.

    The filters also have a “soft” mode, in which the filter gently removes chlorine compounds, but you still need to clean the water with a soap and water rinse before it can be used.

    There’s no way to set the filter to “low” or “high” and it doesn’t come with a filter tip, so you’ll need to find a water filer that will do it.

    If the Ultra was the perfect water puricer, you’d be able to clean your water and have no problems.

    But when you put this water puriter to the test, it’s a very mixed bag.

    The first thing I did was rinse my hand and mouth with a splash of water and then put my hand in the Ultra for 15 minutes.

    It did its job well.

    I didn’t have any problems at all.

    However, it wasn’t enough.

    The second thing I noticed was that the water filter was so slow to work that I had to wait a good 10 minutes for the filter’s filter tip to open.

    Then I had a hard time getting the filter in the bowl.

    Then, my hand started to hurt after the first two times I washed my hands, so I had my phone out to help me get my hand out of the bowl and to get a good rinse.

    When I turned the Ultra off, it worked fine, but then I switched it on and it was still slow to open and didn’t work as well.

    The third thing I saw was that I couldn’t drain water from the water bowl without leaving my hands wet, and even when I did, the water did have a tendency to get into


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