The Trump administration has been putting its energy into making sure water pollution doesn’t get worse in the first place.

    Last week, the Department of Justice announced that it would be putting water pollution cases under federal jurisdiction.

    But what does that mean for people like the people who live in Phoenix?

    “We have no way of knowing how much pollution is coming out of the tap or how it will be treated,” said Jessica Krawczyk, a Phoenix-based attorney.

    “It’s very important that we know how much it’s actually going to cost us to clean the tap.”

    In addition to the Justice Department, other federal agencies have stepped up to help clean up the water.

    The Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Army Corps of Engineers are all involved in a joint effort to clean up and re-purify the river. 

    But while there are clear rules about when the EPA and others can clean up, the water agencies aren’t always following them.

    In March, the EPA announced that its own testing showed the amount of lead in Phoenix’s water could be significantly higher than what was previously known.

    The agency said it was testing more than 4 million samples and was seeing elevated lead levels in water samples from more than 8,000 homes.

    The EPA said that while the lead levels had increased in some homes, they were still well below the legal limit.

    “While the EPA has tested more than 14 million samples, the lead content in all of those samples is still well above the legal exposure limit of 5 micrograms per liter, and in some cases, over 1,000 microgram per liter,” the EPA said in a statement.

    The EPA also noted that some of the water samples were contaminated with a chemical that is toxic to humans and fish, which could have contributed to the lead contamination.

    In August, the Trump Administration approved the construction of a $1.9 billion treatment plant to re-paint the city’s drinking water with a green coating.

    After the approval, officials said that the plant would not be operational until the end of 2020.

    Phoenix is currently facing an ongoing drought.

    The city’s water supply is already dry, and it is expected that the drought will worsen in the coming months.

    There is also the threat of increased earthquakes.

    According to the U, the number of earthquakes in Arizona is now at its highest point since 1980, and the rate of the quakes is expected to continue to increase, with the biggest ones expected to hit Phoenix in the spring.

    The National Weather Service has warned that a 7.5 magnitude earthquake could strike Phoenix in March. 

    Phoenix is located in a region that has suffered from severe water shortages for years.

    Last year, Arizona experienced the worst drought in decades, as more than 5 million people in the state had to move out of their homes because of rising water levels.

    Since the beginning of the drought, Phoenix has had to rely on the water it supplies to feed its growing population.

    The population of the city has been increasing rapidly, and more and more people are going without food. 

    The Phoenix Water System is now expected to need to provide water to 1.6 million homes, and is currently only able to provide about half that amount.

    In 2018, the city also experienced a major water shortage due to an increase in the amount that could be stored in its aquifer.

    The aquifer is made up of hundreds of millions of cubic yards of rock, sand and limestone.

    The Phoenix Aqueduct is the largest in the world.

    In addition to carrying water from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, the Aquedirectway provides a critical link between the two oceans.

    The project is estimated to cost $2.5 billion to build and $4 billion to maintain.


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