The Lad bible says to “purify your water” or “cleanse your water,” but does not provide details on the specifics of each method.

    The Lad Bible says to purify your food, you should “put it into a bucket.”

    The Lad also states that to wash your clothes, “shower it with cold water.”

    A few months ago, the Lad published a guide to purifying water in the United States.

    The guide includes information about how to properly store purified water and how to purse your own water.

    According to the Lad bible, the following steps are required for all purifying liquids and the following is a list of specific steps for each method of purification:1.

    Place purified water into a clean plastic bottle or jar.2.

    Remove the cap.3.

    Place the cap back on the bottle or canister.4.

    Fill the bottle with distilled water and shake well.5.

    Fill up to 2-3 liters of water into the bottle.6.

    The water should not overflow the cap or the water should be slightly warm and not too cold.7.

    The cap should not get wet.8.

    Add distilled water to the water.9.

    The bottle or bottle canister should be placed in a fridge.10.

    Add water to bottle or container.11.

    The canister or bottle should be shaken once every 5-10 minutes.

    The guide does not say which type of purified water should go into a jar or bottle, but according to the bible, one type of bottled water is called “pure water.”

    In other words, bottled water can be purified with purified water from a container and then placed into a container.

    The only requirement for a bottle or a canister is that it is not filled with water.

    If a person wants to use purified water to wash their clothes, the method recommended by the Lad is for them to place the canister into a plastic container and add distilled water.

    However, the canisters must not be full of water.

    The instructions on how to use a bottle of purified tap water say that it should be “filled with tap water” and not be filled with any other liquid or water.

    In Canada, bottled tap water is typically used to clean the water from the surface of the water, but not to purification.

    A spokesperson for the Canadian government, in a written statement, said that Canadians “do not need to purify our water,” and that Canadians do not need “to purify our tap water.”

    This story has been updated with a statement from the Canadian Department of Natural Resources.


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