Water is becoming increasingly precious in cities across the world, with many people still relying on tap water for drinking, bathing and cooking.

    But while water quality and the availability of tap water are improving, the amount of water in the ground has been dropping, according to a report published in the journal Nature.

    “This is the first time that we’ve really looked at a population of the world’s water systems, which are all interconnected, and what are the effects of that, and we’re finding that the changes are not only large but also profound,” said Dr James Jagger from the University of Edinburgh, who led the research.

    “We found that as a result of the increase in population, the number of people on these systems is decreasing,” Dr Jagger told news.com.au.

    “The total amount of groundwater in the world is now down to 3.8 billion cubic metres, down from 5.3 billion cubic meters in 1970.”

    It’s going to be very challenging to make a dent in this in terms of the amount and quality of groundwater that we need.

    “Dr Jagger’s team looked at water systems across the globe.

    It looked at the global population, and also the average water quality for each country, and compared that to the water quality in the surrounding land.

    Dr Jagan said it was surprising to see the effects the global increase in water usage had had on the amount, quality and distribution of water.”

    What we found is that we see very similar changes in the quality of the groundwater across the countries,” he said.”

    In some countries, the water is becoming worse, but in other countries it’s becoming better.

    “The study looked at 19 countries, and it was the largest of its kind to look at the impact of water on human health.”

    A lot of people are worried about what will happen in the future,” Dr. Jagan explained.”

    And that’s where we come in.

    “The paper is the latest research into the health impacts of increased water use.

    It found there were some areas that had been getting more polluted, with more people consuming more water and less being able to drink it.

    Dr. Jagger said the findings showed that a large amount of people needed to make sure their water was safe for human consumption.”

    That’s something we can all do together, because we have to take action,” he explained.

    For those who can afford it, there are some alternatives.

    Dr James Jagan and his team have discovered that people living in the Netherlands have the best water quality of all of the countries studied.

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