By Rui Vieira-Lara for Fortune article A water purification plant needs a backup source of water.

    That means a source of purified mineral water.

    In the Philippines, where the country is struggling to produce clean drinking water, that means a water filtration plant.

    The Philippines produces just 1 percent of the world’s clean drinking-water supply.

    That is a lot of water, and a lot to process.

    But there are some big challenges.

    There are still many rivers and lakes that are too dirty to clean.

    And the country has not yet built enough water purifiers, which is one of the reasons why the water filters are so inefficient.

    The Philippine government has invested a lot in water filtrations.

    A new water purging plant has been built in Mindanao, in a valley just south of the Philippines capital Manila.

    The water filter system, a hybrid system of a water filter and a solar energy generator, is expected to be operational in 2019.

    Water purification plants are one of many ways the Philippines is tackling the problem of water scarcity.

    A country that is home to some of the poorest people in the world needs to solve its water crisis, and the country needs to do it more effectively.

    That’s why a new water filtering plant is one way the Philippines can start to do that.

    The plant, dubbed Pampanga Water Purification Plant (PPWP), will have two water filters.

    One will be a solar-powered water filter.

    The other is a battery-powered, water-purifying filtrant.

    The filtants will be able to purify about 2 million liters of water a day, the Philippine Water Authority says.

    A solar-power filter will cost about $200.

    A battery-generated filtant will cost around $100.

    Both systems will use solar energy to generate electricity.

    Each system will cost $4.5 million to $6.5 to build, the Philippines Water Authority estimates.

    The new plant is expected not to be ready until 2022.

    That would mean the Philippines could only build about half of the facility in 2022.

    So far, the country’s water purifications plant is about 40 percent complete.

    The first phase of the plant is already under construction.

    That includes installing water filters and water purters, which are being made in two factories in the country, said Joseph Calamari, the director of the Philippine Waters Authority.

    But the first phase will require about half the water filters, the plant’s head.

    “We will build the other half, the filtents,” Calamaris said.

    The plants will be connected by underground pipes to each other.

    When they are completed, the two will combine to make a water-filter system that will purify at least 20 million litters of water every day, Calamares said.

    That will be enough to satisfy the needs of about 1.3 million Filipinos.

    Calamars new system will be bigger than a typical water filTure plant, which will produce water at a rate of 2 million litres a day.

    The Manila plant will produce about 2.5 billion litters a day (MLD), the Philippine water authority said.

    In other words, the Manila plant can produce as much as 20 million MLD a day if all the water filter units are installed.

    Calaminaris said that if he can make the Manila water fil ters more efficient and cheaper, he hopes that he will be allowed to install them in the rest of the country.

    He said he has also discussed plans to build a plant in another part of the province, where it will be cheaper to install filters.

    A more sustainable system of water fil tion The Philippines needs to start building the first half of a new filterers plant because that is a big undertaking.

    There will have to be more than a dozen filtors in the Philippines.

    “There is a huge need for water fil trators, and there are a lot that have not been built yet,” Calaminari said.

    So, he is making sure to give priority to the Philippines first, and to the provinces and other parts of the nation.

    He wants to build as many as possible in the first year.

    So the first thing he will do is to get them in place.

    He also wants to have them built as quickly as possible so that when they are finished, they can be ready to be used by the Philippines government and other government agencies in the future.

    “The Philippines needs filtrers,” Calami said.

    “And we have a lot more filtters than there are filtres in the nation.”

    A second phase of water-filters The Philippines also needs to have enough filtrons for a second phase.

    Calami has already built two of the filters and they are already operational.

    He plans to put a third one online this year, he said. But


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