Hacked a U.S. Navy ship, and stole data about the U.K. government’s cyberattacks, according to an intelligence report released Friday.

    The report was made public after the Pentagon and other U.N. agencies ordered a review of U.C. Davis’ cybersecurity, which the Navy said it had detected after an incident earlier this year.

    The intelligence agency said it was unable to determine who had accessed the computers.

    It said it did not know who was behind the attack, but it is likely to be a state actor.

    The Navy said the incident occurred on March 1, 2017.

    The incident was first reported by the U: News.

    The Department of Homeland Security said it is working with the Navy to investigate the incident.

    The agency said in a statement that the information compromised had been provided to U. S. Cyber Command, which is responsible for U.F.C.’s cyber defenses.

    The defense contractor, based in Arlington, Virginia, is responsible, the statement said.

    The Navy’s information security officer is conducting the investigation.

    “Cyber security is our highest priority and we take the threat of cybersecurity very seriously,” U. C. Davis said in its statement.

    “We have a very rigorous and transparent process to identify vulnerabilities and develop effective mitigation measures.

    We are committed to maintaining our robust cyber posture.”


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