The U.K. and the U.N. on Tuesday issued new statements reiterating their commitment to ending the Syrian civil war and said they will not deploy armed drones to the fight against the Islamic State group, as President Donald Trump and the White House have threatened.

    The statement from U.KS.

    Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and U.U.

    N Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said they would not use the U-2 spy plane to spy on civilians or enemy combatants.

    Instead, they said they are confident the UAVs, manned by armed U.B.I. personnel, will “provide vital assistance to U.M.D. (United Nations Monitoring Mission for Syria) in carrying out their mission to bring peace and security to Syria.”

    The U.L.G. said that, “it is clear that the UMB (U.K.-based multinational military force) will remain a permanent part of the U,S.

    commitment to support the Syrian people.””

    We look forward to continuing to work together with our allies in the UG and UMB, as they continue to protect and serve the Syrian civilians,” Johnson and Guterre said.

    Johnson and Gutter said they “have already signed a number of military agreements with the UAB and are committed to renewing these agreements in the coming months.”

    The statement added that they “will continue to engage with all relevant parties and work to bring about a political transition in Syria.”

    “This means working to bring together the parties that have so far not been able to reach an agreement and achieve the objectives they share,” the statement said.

    “The UMB and UAB will continue to support their efforts to bring an end to this bloody conflict and help create a democratic Syria.”

    The statement did not say what those objectives were.

    The U-3 spy plane is designed to be piloted by U.G.-trained pilots and carried the payload of up to 250 pounds of high-resolution satellite imagery.

    The U-1 reconnaissance aircraft is also used by the UB, U.C.I., and UNAVCO.

    The Pentagon, U-Bugs, UNAvCO and the State Department have all said that their respective U.F.O.s are not equipped to carry drones, and that they are not authorized to carry such weapons in Syria.

    The United States and other countries have repeatedly warned that they will target Syrian air defenses with drones if the Syrian government launches an offensive to retake the eastern half of the country from Islamic State fighters.

    The Obama administration has not taken a position on the issue.

    In the last year, the U.-3, UAB, and U-4 spy planes have all been used to target Syrian fighters in the eastern part of Syria.

    But the UUB-4 has not been used in the country.


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