Pure Water, Inc. was founded in 2002.

    Its water purification business has more than 700,000 customers.

    That makes it one of the largest purification companies in the United States.

    The company has more customers than the Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo and Nestlé Waters, according to data from market research firm Euromonitor.

    That’s about twice the size of the company’s total sales.

    The average price paid for a liter of purified water in the U.S. is about $8.70.

    Some customers pay more than others, depending on what kind of product they want.

    For example, water purifiers with a price tag of $10,000 or more can cost more than $1,000 for a one-liter bottle.

    The price tag also varies by product, according the Consumer Reports.

    Some of the products are not available at all in some markets.

    One of the most popular purified water products is Pure Life’s water purifying system.

    It uses ultraviolet light and chlorine to remove harmful bacteria.

    Pure Life uses this system to purify more than 3.5 million gallons of water a day.

    Its customers also include the National Sulfur Company, which makes the chlorine-free chlorine bleach.

    The water purging system costs about $10 per gallon.

    Consumers often get the best deal on water purifications at some purification services, including the New Orleans-based Water Purifier Systems.

    The Water Purifiers, which are operated by New Orleans water utility the New Caney, have been making the most money.

    It charges $9.75 per gallon for a five-gallon bucket.

    For comparison, the water purgers that sell at the store in downtown New Orleans charge about $3.00 per gallon per bucket.

    They also sell water filters for the purifiers.

    The New Orleans Water Purification Systems is the only purifier to make the top five water purifyers in the world, according a study by the Environmental Working Group.

    It has about 15,000 water purifers in operation in the New York area.

    It sells water filters, disinfectants and other water-purifying equipment at an average price of about $1.90 per bucket, according Euromonitors.

    It’s also the only water purifi- cation company in the country that sells chlorine bleach, which is made from chlorine-containing bleach.

    Another purification company, the AquaDish company, also has more people than the New Water Purificator Systems.

    AquaDishes water purifies more than 300 million gallons a day, according it website.

    It also sells chlorine- and fluoride-free bleach, disinfectant, water filtration equipment and other equipment.

    It was founded by James M. Waters, a businessman from New York.

    He founded the company in 1987 after seeing his brother-in-law, Robert Waters, who is also the chairman and CEO of the Aquadish water pur- ization company, being sick.

    His brother- in-law has asthma and has been diagnosed with bronchitis.

    Mr. Waters and his son, who also is the chairman of the board, said they wanted to use their family’s wealth to help the sick and elderly.

    “Our goal was to help people who could not afford to buy a water purificator,” Mr. Robert Waters said.

    “We also wanted to make money for the family.”

    The company started selling chlorine bleach and water fil- tration equipment in 2004.

    It started with just a few hundred people.

    Today, the company has over 1,400 employees.

    It now has about 2,500 employees, according its website.

    About half of the customers pay about $150 a month for a chlorine bleach bucket and the other half pay $1 to $2 per bucket to be delivered to their homes, according Mr. Bob Waters.

    Water purification products sold at stores, restaurants and other places in New Orleans include the chlorine bleach bleach, a popular purifier that is used to clean water for more than 30 million people.

    It is not safe to drink water that is not chlorine bleach-free.

    Mr the company sells it in the stores in New Cane City, Baton Rouge and New Orleans and also in stores and restaurants around the country.

    It costs $8 to $12 per gallon and sells for about $25 to $30 per gallon, according EEWG.

    Mr Waters said the company was making money when the company sold its chlorine bleach in 2002 because it was used by people who were sick and were unable to drink tap water.

    It sold the chlorine in 2007.

    Mr Robert Waters and Mr Waters also said the chlorine that they sold was a cheap alternative to chlorine bleach that is still used in some homes, but that it is not as effective as the new chlorine bleach used in homes.

    “There’s a lot of people who don’t want chlorine bleach because it’s not as good,” Mr Robert said


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