Florentines water purifiers have a built-in water filter that helps keep the water flowing to the home, even during the winter.

    But it only works if the water filter is on and the house is in good condition.

    And that’s not the case in Melbourne’s suburbs.

    A new water purification device has been installed in Melbourne CBD in the area of Waterworks.

    It works by connecting to a water supply that is supplied by the city’s water supply system.

    “The device is a device that is connected to a pump and it has a device to shut off the water supply to the water purifying device,” a spokesman for the city told ABC News.

    “It works like a water filter, so it will turn off the flow of water that comes from the city water supply and it will also turn off a water treatment system that is used by the water system to purify the water.”

    He said it would not function at the same time as the water filtering device.

    “There’s a very good reason why it’s not going to work during the dry season,” he said.

    “That’s because the water in the city is treated before it gets into the pipes.”

    So you’re effectively cutting the water from the system and you’re not removing any of the contaminants from the water that is already in the system.

    “He explained the device had been installed as part of the city council’s work to ensure water treatment was carried out at a safe level.”

    If we can do it at a safer level than what’s currently required then we can protect people’s health and we’ll do that,” he told ABC Melbourne.”

    This is a good thing.

    “The city has been installing the device to reduce the risk of water contamination from the City of Melbourne’s sewage system.

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