What to do if you’ve just started using CPAP: If you have an older version of CPAP and are still concerned about the safety of CPAs, consider purchasing an older CPAP machine or getting a CPAP certified nurse practitioner.

    CPAP is safe for everyone and you should not be alarmed if your doctor tells you that you may have CPAP allergy.

    CPAs can help reduce the risk of certain conditions such as: asthma, heart disease, and cancer, and they can help prevent infections.

    The Mayo Clinic has an extensive list of CPAS sufferers.

    If you are not sure which CPAP product is best for you, use this list to compare prices.

    CPAS is usually a symptom of a more serious condition that is not treated with CPAP.

    If CPAP causes you to cough up a lot of fluid, that fluid could be a sign that you have CPAS.

    If the cough is not accompanied by a cough, CPAP may be too weak to help.

    CPAPS are available at health care providers like the following: Kaiser Permanente, HealthSource, CVS, and Walgreens, but if you’re not sure about a provider’s CPAP protocol, you should consult your health care provider.


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