If you have an air conditioning system that has an on-off switch, then you might need to do some cleaning of your home’s vents to remove extra water from the air conditioning unit.

    This can be a very messy process, and the amount of water that you remove depends on the size and number of vents.

    To help you out, we have put together a guide to cleaning your home with a water purifying device.

    You can find more information about water purification devices and other water purifiers on our Home Water Purification Guide.

    How to Remove Extra Water from Your Air Conditioner article To get started, start by opening your air conditioning vent and checking that there is enough air flowing through the vent to support the weight of the air conditioner.

    If you don’t have a vent, then there should be plenty of air flowing in your house to support your air conditioners weight.

    Once you are satisfied that the vent is supported, turn on the air purifying system and then turn the switch to the off position.

    Once the air is off, you should see a blue light on your screen.

    This indicates that the water that is coming out of your vents is being purged.

    To remove excess air from the vent, simply turn the vent off.

    To clean your air purifiers vent, you can use a water scrubber or a hose brush to scrub away any excess water.

    You should then be able to see a green light that indicates that you are cleaning the air condenser.

    When the green light turns green again, the water is being cleared from the vents.

    Once your air condensers water is removed from your vents, you may want to re-activate the water purger or water scrubbers to remove any remaining water.

    How Many Vents Can You Have?


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