Water purifiers have been around for a long time, but it’s always been a bit of a mystery how they actually work.

    The answer has come from the internet.

    Well, not really, but the idea of a homemade water purifiers hose is quite cool.

    So, what does a homemade hydration hose look like?

    Well, you’ll need some pretty basic tools.

    The basic tools needed for making your own water purification hose include: a plastic bottle (this one is perfect for making a water purifying hose) some sort of hose with a loop or something, a metal scraper and a few nails.

    It’s not hard to make a basic water purifyer, but you need to know how to attach the hose to the bottle.

    Once the hose is attached, you can use it to add water to the bottles and other supplies.

    A homemade hydation hose also comes with a couple of handy tools for the DIYer: a disposable plastic bag, a plastic water bottle cap and a pair of scissors.

    Now, to attach your homemade hydification hose to your bottle, first you need a metal hook.

    Grab a metal wire and a screwdriver and drill a hole through the bottle cap.

    Next, you need some sort in the plastic bottle.

    Put some glue on the bottle and secure the hook to the wire.

    Now that your plastic bottle is secured, you will need to attach a metal hose.

    The metal hook and screwdriver are the two tools you need for this.

    Make sure that the hook goes through the plastic cap.

    Now you need two nails and a piece of metal that can hold the hook.

    Cut the metal nail with a knife or a utility knife.

    Now attach the metal hose to another metal piece (for the screw).

    You should have two metal parts.

    Use the metal hook to tighten the hook onto the plastic hose.

    Make a hole in the bottle caps to hold the metal hooks in place.

    The hose should now be connected to the water bottle.

    The easiest way to make your own hydration hydration water bottle is by using an old bottle.

    You can use the plastic bottles you already have or purchase a cheap one.

    You could also use a cheap plastic water purifiying hose to make this hydration hose.

    It is quite simple to make and is a great alternative to buying a new bottle.

    Now go to your DIY store and buy a few cheap plastic bottles.

    Once you have all your supplies, it’s time to get your homemade water hose.

    First, you should drill a small hole in your bottle.

    Then, you could attach the plastic hook and the screwdriver to a metal screw.

    Now cut two holes for the metal screw in the back of the bottle with a sharp knife.

    This way you can secure the plastic part of the hose.

    Now use the metal scrapper to attach two metal pieces (for a metal cap and for the screw) to the hose and to the metal bottle cap you just drilled.

    Now make a small groove in the middle of the plastic tip.

    Use some metal tape or tape to secure it.

    Now glue the hose together with the metal parts of the screw.

    Attach the hose end to the cap with the screw you just glued together.

    Now drill a larger hole in another plastic bottle cap, and then attach the second screw and the hose tip.

    Now the hose will now be attached to a bottle.

    Repeat this process with another plastic cap and the plastic screw you drilled.

    You should now have two hydration drinking bottles.

    The DIY water purified hose is perfect to use in a pinch.


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