Water purification technology has become a hot topic in recent years.

    But, in the US, the technology’s adoption is still being debated.

    We spoke with three of the biggest tech players in the field.

    We also asked them what they’re hoping for from the tech revolution and what the future might hold.

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    What’s at stake for water?

    Tech giants like Nest, Amazon and Google are already offering water purifiers for their homes.

    But a new study suggests that it could be a long time before those systems become widespread.

    In the next few years, water purifying systems could save water and fuel a major shift in how we consume water.

    “It’s a huge change for how we use our water,” says Andrew Piers, a senior analyst with energy and sustainability research firm Ceres.

    “And it’s one that the technology will be really important in for decades to come.”

    Piers points to the example of water reuse and how this technology could help us do both.

    “In the future, there’s a whole ecosystem that’s going to be built around water that’s being used in different ways, and if we can tap into that and leverage it in some kind of smart way, then we can save billions of dollars in costs,” he says.

    Piers says that while Nest is already using water purifications to help reduce its footprint, it’s also experimenting with using them in homes to help keep their air quality better.

    “We see that a lot in our labs and the research we do,” he said.

    “If you look at how we have the most efficient water use, we have more efficient water than almost any other country in the world.

    That’s not just a good thing for us, it also improves the air quality in the homes.”

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    Can we afford to wait for a clean water supply?

    For many people, it may be too late to make any real progress towards a more sustainable water supply.

    But that’s changing, thanks to technologies like Nest’s water purifiying system.

    For example, Nest’s Nest Protect, a water purified water filter, is already being used around the world, and has been adopted by major companies like Microsoft, Google and Walmart.

    “As technology advances and we get to the point where you can actually use water as a resource in an abundance that you can’t find anywhere else, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities,” Piers says.

    “If you’re a homeowner and you want to water your property or your backyard, there are lots of ways you can do it,” he adds.

    “There are all kinds of things you can add to your water, from sprinklers to drip irrigation, that you wouldn’t normally do.”

    You can also use your water for industrial purposes, so you can use it for things like making your own fertilizers or you can make it into fertilizer to help your crops grow,” he explains.

    Piers thinks that we will eventually be able to tap into the power of this technology to reduce our reliance on dirty, dirty water.”

    Piers is right that technology is just one of many levers that could be used to reduce the use of dirty, polluted water, but he believes that the shift to a clean-water-based economy will also require more. “

    This is where we’ve been waiting for.”

    Piers is right that technology is just one of many levers that could be used to reduce the use of dirty, polluted water, but he believes that the shift to a clean-water-based economy will also require more.

    “I think we need to start thinking about our water use differently, and I think the solution is not just to use more water, it will be to stop using the water at all,” he concludes.

    “What’s at risk is the whole system, not just the technology that’s powering it.

    That technology is going to have to be rethought, so we can actually re-engineer it.”


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