The latest in the battle over water supply in Delhi is taking place in the waters of the city, and the company that owns it is facing stiff competition from a local company.

    The Aquaphrix water purifiers are among the best water purifying units on the market, but local water authorities in the city are worried that they could be being marketed as a cheap solution to ensure uninterrupted supply.

    The city water supply has been hit hard by the ongoing floods and the scarcity of water is getting worse.

    The city is now struggling to obtain enough water to meet its needs, with many residents struggling to find clean drinking water.

    The water purify unit, made by Aquaphaze, is a cheap and easy solution for residents.

    The unit is a unit of its own design, and can be found for less than Rs.50,000.

    But this is not the only water purifiying device on the markets.

    The Water Supply Board, an agency that oversees water supply, has set a price of Rs. 1,000 per unit for this unit.

    This price is not far from the price that the water puriators in the market are charging for water supply.

    Water purifier manufacturer Aquaphax, which has a factory in Kanpur, said the price of the unit is not higher than the price charged by other manufacturers in the same city.

    But it also added that the unit has a lifespan of 10 years and is a great solution for those who have to rely on water.

    “The unit is priced at Rs.500-1,000 and it is a very cheap solution for the people who cannot afford to buy another water purificator.

    It will last for many years.

    The cost of the water supply is not much,” said the company’s president, Ashok Bhandari.

    He added that this price has been raised recently by the city government.

    “The price of water purifications in Delhi has been going up due to the floods and shortage of water,” he said.

    The price is a little higher than what is charged in other parts of the country.

    It is a far cry from the $500-600 price that people in other cities are charging.

    The Delhi government has been pushing for a new water supply system and the price is being seen as the price tag that the city authorities are trying to keep up with.

    This is not a new issue in the country, as water purified water supplies have been a major concern for residents of Delhi.

    Last year, the Delhi government launched a nationwide water supply scheme called the Water for All programme, which is expected to cover the city for the next two years.

    The Delhi water supply was also hit by the Kargil war, which saw a significant drop in water levels in the capital.

    In addition to the Delhi water crisis, there are growing concerns over the safety of the aqua fountain.

    A major water crisis is also being felt in other districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh, where a water shortage has been affecting the population for several months.


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