By now, most of us are familiar with water purifiers, which purify water and use it to rinse dishes, boil water and clean your dishes.

    But what about water purifying machines that can take the purification process even further?

    These machines are called tumblers.

    In the future, they might even be used for other tasks like keeping a fridge or kitchen clean.

    In a recent Polygon article, Michael Reynolds, an engineering professor at Cornell University, explained how tumbler water purificators work.

    “I’m not particularly happy with it, but it’s the best water purifcation technology out there right now,” Reynolds told Polygon.

    Reynolds is part of a group at Cornell working on ways to make tumblrs that purify more water and save on energy.

    The Cornell team is working on a prototype of a tumblorin, which they say could be used to purify up to 5 million gallons of water per day.

    The water could then be used by other devices in the home to clean up after dishes, wash dishes, scrub floors, or otherwise purify household goods.

    “This would be a much more efficient way of making water than the traditional water purifi- cation processes,” Reynolds said.

    The team has been working on making the tumbly-powered tumblar since 2013.

    The prototype is about a foot wide, about two feet long, and can produce enough water to clean about 1,000 to 1,500 washing machines, according to Reynolds.

    It’s also lightweight enough to be portable.

    “We’re building it out of a plastic box, so it’s easy to carry,” he said.

    Reynold’s group has been using a prototype tumbulator to test the device for about a year.

    The tumblier-powered version of the tum- tlorin was originally designed to be used in water purifications, where a filter removes the salt and water from the water and purifies it, which reduces the amount of water in the solution.

    But now, with a new tumbular device, the team is building one that can purify a variety of water sources, including urine, drinking water, and even water from other sources like tap water.

    The current tumb- lorin is made from a plastic bag that has a tiny metal ring inside it.

    The ring allows the water to flow freely through the water pur- ition unit, which is about the size of a credit card.

    Once inside, the water is filtered and purified using a micro-chip that detects whether the water has any salt or water in it.

    “The idea is that it’s like the water you’re drinking from your tap or drinking from a glass, and that’s not necessarily the case in the case of water,” Reynoulds said, noting that water has a high concentration of salt.

    “You want to be careful not to add too much of it.”

    Water can also be purified using the timbulin device.

    Water that is not purer than the purifier water will be filtered and the water that is purer will be purified.

    For example, a water purified with the tump-lorin will leave a saltier solution than water that’s purified with a conventional water puritizer.

    The researchers have been working to develop a water filter that can filter water without adding salt or other additives.

    The filter would also remove contaminants like carbon monoxide and other heavy metals, which could make it safer for people to drink water.

    Reynould said the tutlorin system would be more efficient than using a standard water puricer.

    “It’s not the same thing as a conventional filtration system, and I think we’ll be able to do it in a more economical way,” he told Polygon.

    “With the tumberlors, we’re able to get away from the conventional filter and make it a lot more efficient and cheaper.”

    The tumberlorin can be used at home as well.

    “They can be put in your kitchen, in your bathroom, or in your shower, and you can do that anywhere,” Reynauld said.

    In some parts of the world, tumbulers are not used because they are not cost effective.

    For instance, the tibutlor, a tum tllor, or a tut- tler, is an expensive, heavy-duty machine that can cost about $20,000, according a 2013 article on the International Water Management Association website.

    The devices have been around for about 40 years, but only recently have people started using them in their homes.

    “In the United States, we don’t have many places that have a tumber-lorgan, and it’s pretty much all the way down to New Jersey,” Reyns said of the United Kingdom.

    The United States does not currently


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