water purifiers are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, but the water purifying device category remains mostly unexplored in terms of consumer demand, a new report found.

    A study from the Pew Research Center found that the majority of consumers are not aware that there are alternatives to water purifies in the marketplace, and many aren’t aware that some products are more environmentally friendly than others.

    “We found that consumers have a limited understanding of the types of water purifications that can be considered safe,” Pew researcher Julia D’Agostino said in a statement.

    “For example, many people think that the best type of water treatment is the purified water used in the dishwasher.

    However, the majority still believe that the water is safe to drink, even though the purifying technology isn’t the same.”

    Pew also found that people often lack a “knowledge base” on water purificators and don’t know how to determine which type is the safest.

    “People tend to think of water as clean when they see it as dirty or contaminated,” said D’Aloisio.

    “In fact, a recent study found that water filters have higher levels of bacteria, which can lead to water-borne illnesses and diseases.”

    Pep also found a disconnect between consumers’ understanding of which type of product is the most environmentally friendly.

    The survey asked a series of questions about water purifers, including whether the water was purified, whether it contained chlorine or other chemicals, whether the product used water from a local or imported source, and whether it was “ultraviolet.”

    Only 3 percent of people had a “knowing” answer, while nearly three-quarters (74 percent) didn’t know the difference between purified and non-purified filtered water.

    While the percentage of people who know the “correct” answer varies from study to study, the study found consumers’ perception of the “right” product for each type of purification is the same.

    “These results indicate that consumers are less aware of the environmental benefits of water systems and how to choose the best and most environmentally-friendly water purifyr for their needs,” D’Alessio said.


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