Posted March 07, 2018 07:23:58 A water filter that can purify water into a soap has been invented by an engineering student from the University of East Anglia.

    The device, called a water purifying filter, was demonstrated at the British Engineering Association’s Engineering and Technology Exhibition in London on Monday.

    The water purifiers is the brainchild of Professor Rolf Kohler, who is a postgraduate student at the University’s Engineering Department.

    “It was inspired by a paper that he had written on the properties of water and how they can be used to produce soap,” Kohler said.

    “He was interested in the properties and the properties were so simple that I just had to go and invent it.”

    Kohler, an engineer at the university’s School of Mechanical Engineering, used the principle of a liquid metal to create a polymer that was able to absorb a water molecule and convert it to soap.

    “This is what I call the chemical process of polymerisation,” Kohlers explained.

    “You start by melting a little bit of water.

    Then you melt it down into a polymer, and then you have the water, and you have a liquid that can be melted down and turned into soap.

    The end product is soap that has the properties that you would expect from a soap.”‘

    We’ve got the first commercial water purging machine’Professor Kohler’s invention is the first of its kind to purify a liquid water molecule into a product.

    “We’ve actually been working on this for about four years,” he said.

    “We’ve had a lot of great feedback and great support from the public and the industry.”

    The thing that really makes this unique is that it has a very simple, easy-to-build device that you can use.

    “There are a lot more commercial machines out there that are not designed for this.”

    That’s one of the reasons that we’re getting support from our industry and industry from the university.

    “So far we’ve got around five different commercial machines.”

    But the biggest advantage is the fact that we’ve gone from a water filtration system to an automated water purger.

    “With our machines, the only thing that needs to be done is to make sure that the water is coming through the machine.”

    If there is any sort of leakage of the water through the filter, it’s a very clean process.

    “Water filters are used to treat water and other waste and for cleaning toilets, sinks and bathtubs.

    But they are also a necessity when water is polluted.”

    Because it’s so expensive to do a water filter, the problem is that if you’ve got an open sewer system, the water will just be coming through it, but it’s not really going to be cleaned up,” Kohls said.

    The inventor said the prototype has already been tested on a large scale.”

    Kohl said he would like to see a commercial product developed that could purify millions of litres of water in just a few hours.””

    So there are a couple of hundred litres of waste coming through a filter every day.”

    Kohl said he would like to see a commercial product developed that could purify millions of litres of water in just a few hours.

    “I think that’s going to require some sort of industrial scale manufacturing facility, because that’s just what it takes to make this device,” he added.

    “And we think we can do that.”


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