This article first appeared on the Lad Bible, the blog of the American Bible Society, a nonprofit organization that provides access to a variety of scholarly, Christian and non-Christian writings.

    If you’re not familiar with Lad Bible then read about it here.

    The Lad’s mission is to publish Bible translations, commentary and other materials that are both widely read and widely appreciated.

    The website has been in operation since 2013, when it first launched.

    The Bible Society’s website is powered by Google Analytics, a service that analyzes the traffic of its users and can detect which sites are most popular.

    The organization’s website traffic has risen every year since 2013.

    According to its CEO, Joel Zempel, the Lad’s website was one of the fastest growing in the Bible Society history, even doubling in terms of the number of readers it had.

    The site now has nearly 4 million daily readers.

    The book has become a best-seller, having sold over 500,000 copies in the first four months of 2018 alone.

    The author of the Lad, a former military officer, said the book helped him learn about how to operate a water purification system and helped him save money.

    “When I started to read about the water purifiers I thought it was a good idea, but when I started talking to people about them I realized how cheap they were,” said Adam Langer, a retired Marine Corps infantryman who now runs the Lad website.

    “I learned a lot from that experience.

    The thing is, it’s not just water.

    If it’s a home water supply, you need to be able to filter out toxins and bacteria.

    You also need to have a filter system.

    So it’s the whole idea of a home filtration system.”

    As Langer said, the process is a bit more complicated than it seems, but he said the Lad is far from perfect.

    “We don’t know exactly how the process works,” he said.

    “The process is something that can be completely customized for the person.

    The best advice I can give you is: If you want a clean, healthy, fresh water, this is the way to go.”

    Langer noted that the water system in the Lad isn’t exactly the same as the one that he and other readers use at home.

    “You use the same filter and you put your own filters on top of the water and you have to do it manually,” he added.

    “In other words, you are still making the same mistake.

    There’s no way to make it clean.”

    Lander said that the Lad also has some problems with its own technology.

    For instance, the website is currently running out of memory.

    “This is a really good point, because we’ve got a lot of people using this.

    And that is a good thing,” he noted.

    But he said he hopes the Lad can one day be improved to make the process more accessible.

    “One of the things we’ve learned is that we need to do a better job of explaining things,” he told the Lad.

    “If we can explain things more clearly, it’ll help a lot more people to have more confidence in our product.”

    The Lad also said that its customers have had a lot to say about the product.

    “Every single one of our customers has told us that it is the best water purifying system they have ever used,” Langer told the publication.

    “And the customers that have told us are saying, ‘Thank you so much for being so helpful, you really know your stuff.'”

    The Lad said it will be releasing more water purify systems in the future, adding that it will also continue to update its software to help make it even better.

    “Our goal is to be a top-notch product for all the purifiers out there,” Lander told the website.

    The next installment of this article will include a look at the Lad brand, its customers, and the technology behind it.

    The source of this story is Lad Bible.


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