Water purifiers have been everywhere, from the tiny water purifiers you might find in a pharmacy to the big, high-powered ones used to make drinking water in homes.

    Now, a small maker of water purification machines has announced it will stop making them, amid a fierce backlash over the price.

    Kenzan is recalling a line of water filters and purifiers that include a water purifying device that comes with an alarm when a customer uses too much water.

    The company also said the devices may not work properly with some brands of water filtration devices, such as the Sawyer Air purifier.

    Kenzans products include Kenzas Water Purifier Plus and Kenzan Air Purifier.

    The Sawyer Air is one of the more popular models and comes with a battery, so users who are concerned about water quality might want to get that one instead, Kenzann said.

    The water purificators also come with a filter that can filter up to 80 gallons of water.

    Kenzo said the water purifers are safe to use in homes, but customers should also use the Sawyer instead of the Kenzan, and the Kenzo should be a little more reliable.

    Kenzi also said it will offer a new model that does not have the alarm feature and that will also come in a water filter.

    Kenzos water purifiying products were recalled last year for problems that included an air-powered filter that did not function properly and a malfunctioning water purifyer that could not remove bacteria from the water.

    That was followed by the recall of a series of Kenzana’s products, including the Kenzanas Water Purification Pro and Kenza Water Purifiers Pro, that also have been recalled for problems with the filter.

    The recall was caused by the filter that was not working properly, and customers should not use them, Kenzan said.

    Kenza said it is working with regulators and the Food and Drug Administration to investigate the cause of the problems and to resolve any claims, including those from consumers.

    Kenzilla’s products are made in the U.S. and have been sold in Japan since the 1980s.

    Kenzeans sales dropped more than 25% in the second quarter and the company said it plans to sell the affected products in the United States, Europe and China.

    It also plans to introduce new models and will sell them in Japan, it said.

    Consumers have complained about Kenzos products over the years.

    In 2006, the company recalled its Water Purifying Plus model after complaints that the filter was too easy to remove bacteria and could not effectively remove harmful microorganisms from the filter water.

    In 2007, Kenzo recalled the Water Purified Plus after customers complained that the device was not reliable enough.

    The product was recalled in 2009 after customers reported that it could not clean the filters for more than 10 minutes.

    In 2010, Kenza recalled the Kenza Air, which was recalled after some customers reported they could not use it because the air purifier was not capable of purifying large amounts of water at a time.

    In 2011, Kenzilla recalled its Kenza Aquarium, which it said had problems purifying the water in the Aquarium tank.

    In 2013, Kenzi recalled its Air Purifiers, which were recalled in 2015 for problems related to the water-cleaning filter and other problems.

    In 2017, Kenzos Water Purify Pro and Air Purify products were pulled from shelves.

    Kenzer said the company will continue to monitor the situation and is working to address customers’ concerns, it added.

    KenZan said customers who purchased the Kenzos products should contact Kenzan for a full refund.

    It said customers can return the affected Kenzanos products for a refund at any Kenzo retail store.

    The new Kenzano products are expected to be available in U.K. stores on May 31.


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