– Trump supporters have already begun chanting anti-Trump slogans at Trump rallies across the country, but the demonstrations will soon reach a fever pitch, with a possible anti-trump rally at the State Capitol in Washington DC set to take place on Tuesday.

    The protests are part of a nationwide anti-trumper protest, but unlike the Trump rallies, the protests will take place at a neutral location, which will ensure that the protesters are not influenced by the President, who has not been spotted in person.

    The demonstrators have also begun chanting ‘Trump is a fascist’ in reference to the President.

    It is unclear whether the protesters will actually use violence, but there is no guarantee that the President will not intervene in the demonstrations.

    Trump supporters will also be allowed to wear masks at the protests, and some will even wear the masks themselves.

    On Monday, protesters were met by officers who arrested several people.

    The arrests came as a result of a peaceful protest outside the State House in Washington, DC, which started on Monday morning.

    It was the first such demonstration outside the Capitol since the inauguration.

    The protest also drew the attention of law enforcement and led to a police car being vandalized and set on fire.

    However, it is not clear whether Trump’s motorcade was involved in the vandalism.

    The protesters are also protesting the President’s decision to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, which has been a priority for the President during his time in office.

    Trump is expected to announce on Tuesday that the United Nations Climate Change Conference will be postponed to 2020.


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