It’s the biggest water system in the world, and it’s so big that it’s part of the Guinness Book of World Records.

    It’s one of the largest water purifiers in the entire world.

    It could be bigger than the Hoover Dam in the US.

    Its size makes it one of only a handful of machines in the country capable of purifying a gallon of water a minute.

    The purification plant is located in a huge warehouse.

    It is the biggest in the United States, and that’s what makes it so impressive.

    The facility is so huge that it has to be built on top of a huge building.

    It has three floors.

    The largest floor is where the machines work.

    There are about 150 people working there, and they do about a million jobs a day.

    They purify about 2.5 billion gallons of water.

    The plant is also one of just three in the U.S. That’s the largest amount of water that is actually produced in one facility in the nation.

    The machines are so big, they are so heavy, and there’s only about a half-acre of space available for them to work.

    It takes about 50,000 gallons of purification water a day to produce that much water, according to Bloomberg.

    The water is pumped out of the building, and then the water flows into a water treatment plant that is about 300 feet away from the purification facility.

    It then passes through the filter before it’s transferred to the wastewater treatment plant, which is about 500 feet away.

    The wastewater treatment plants are all connected to one another, so they can’t just pump water out and put it into a large container that has to then be transported around the country to other facilities.

    The water is transported through a giant conveyor belt.

    The city of Seattle is home to about 40 million people, and the water that’s being purified in the city is one of its main sources of drinking water.

    It uses the water for drinking, irrigation, and wastewater.

    The City of Seattle says the purifying plant uses roughly 300 million gallons of drinking and municipal water per day.

    In the future, the company says it plans to expand the capacity of the plant to pump more than 3.5 million gallons per day and to tap into the drinking water supply from the Washington state and local government.


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