By now, you’re probably familiar with Amazon Echo’s voice-controlled water purifiers, which you can control from a few taps and even use to wash your dishes.

    But what if you could also use your voice to turn the purifier into a real water purifying machine?

    A company called Elixer is making that possibility a reality by creating a $69 water purifyr that’s capable of purifying up to 2,000 liters of water in under 10 minutes. 

    Elixer water filter is powered by a lithium ion battery and uses a special microcontroller that runs on a Raspberry Pi 2.

    It has the ability to control the flow of water through the water purifiesor.

    The company says the device is also able to clean the surface of your home, which makes it ideal for a DIY home water purger. 

    The company says its device can purify up to 1.5 liters in 15 minutes and has a maximum power of 3.3 watts.

    The device has been in development for more than a year and has already reached its crowdfunding goal of $70,000, which is $9,200 over its goal of raising $100,000.

    The company has raised $2,868 in the past year, and has so far only been able to meet its $70K goal.

    If the goal is met, the device will ship to its backers later this year. 

    In addition to water purifications, the Elixers water purizers can be used to clean windows, floors, walls, ceilings, and a variety of other surfaces, including your home. 

    “We’re making a water filter that purifies water in a way that can clean a lot of different surfaces in a house,” said Elixeros CEO Andrew Lee.

    “It’s pretty cool.” 

    Elixer says its water purizer can purize up to 3.4 gallons of water per hour and that it can be connected to your home via a USB cable. 

    Elxer says it has been developing the water filter for about a year, with the company initially starting with a Raspberry PI 2 in 2013. 

    When I tried out the Elxers water filter at the company’s booth at CES, it was pretty slick.

    The water filter was water-resistant, easy to clean, and included a small button that you could use to switch between a few different modes. 

    However, the company has since raised $100K in a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for the development of the water filtration device. 

    After I tested the water filters and tested it on a few surfaces, I was pretty impressed. 

    I was able to easily use the Elvers water filtrate to clean all sorts of surfaces, from carpet to wood floors to glass. 

    At the time of this writing, the crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $110,000 in donations, but it will only be possible to reach its goal if Elixercrystals funding goal is reached before its Kickstarter campaign ends. 

    You can check out the video of me using the Elixir water filter above to see how it performs.


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