By the end of the day, India is home to around 200 million people, making it the largest population in the world.

    With this population, there are enough water purifiers to supply the country for all its needs.

    India is one of the world’s most polluted countries, according to a recent UN report.

    However, there’s hope that it can be cleaned up if it can find the right people to implement the scheme.

    The world’s largest water purification plant, Kanchi, which is located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, has already been shut down for the last three years due to a lack of demand.

    With the water being delivered to cities via a special tanker, it’s easy to imagine how the country could have a large supply of purified water.

    However the problem of polluted water is not confined to India, as other countries in Asia and Africa have also started using this technology.

    According to WaterAid India, water is one the most important resources for the people of the developing world, and water purifying technology is being developed to address the issue.

    The organisation says that water purifications can help improve the health of millions of people.

    According the WaterAid, the process of purifying water is relatively simple.

    It takes a tank of water and a container of the purified water and the water goes through a series of steps, which include washing the tank, removing the water from the tank and then filtering it.

    Water is then stored in a specially designed container, which can then be placed in a well.

    The WaterAid says that in some countries, like India, the purification process can take up to 10 years, but in others, like Pakistan, the procedure can be completed in two to four months.

    In Pakistan, it took only 18 months to produce the water for the country’s irrigation projects.

    It also means that India’s water consumption is actually going down, with a water use per capita of around one-and-a-half gallons per capita.

    WaterAid says the process has the potential to be a boon to the world, but also to help the country combat poverty, as people have to rely on the government to provide water.

    According WaterAid’s calculations, the amount of water that India could use could be more than 3.6 billion litres per day by 2025, and that could make it one of India’s most significant water conservation projects.

    Water is also being used for the construction of hospitals and other important infrastructure, which could help reduce poverty and hunger.

    In the future, the organisation says, India could also be able to develop water recycling systems, which would help make up for the pollution caused by the industrialisation and expansion of water usage.

    Accordingly, the World Water Council has said that water scarcity in developing countries is one area where water management could have significant benefits.


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