The Globe and Mail article The water purifiers on sale in Canada are an expensive way to help people reduce their exposure to the toxic chemicals that contaminate the water supply.

    Some manufacturers charge more than $5,000 for a standard filtration system, while others sell kits for less.

    A handful of companies offer purifiers with water purifying features, including Aquafina, Aquafinity and Quaafina.

    While they’re not as sophisticated as an industrial filtrier, these systems do the job for about $5 per hour and can be used for just about any water purification process.

    But they’re still pricey.

    A standard filtrate system costs around $3,000, according to an online comparison service.

    And in some cases, a few companies sell their systems as well.

    Aquafid, the largest of these companies, sells kits that include water purifyrs with water-purifying features for $1,300 to $2,000.

    And Aquafine, the smaller of the three, sells a kit for $2.50 per hour, or about $1.70 per day.

    A few months ago, the company introduced a new system for home purifiers, a $1-per-hour, water-supply-supplies-based system that purifies up to 80 per cent of the water that comes into a home.

    For $4,000 or less, the water purizer can do the same job.

    And for $3 or less in parts, it can purify up to 70 per cent.

    The kit is called the Aquafinum Pure Water Purifier, and it’s available online, at Home Depot and other retailers.

    The Aquafins work by combining water purifies with an ozone-based liquid that is used to neutralize the water before it leaves the filtrator.

    To do this, the liquid is heated in a metal bowl.

    When the liquid cools, it is purified using ultraviolet radiation.

    The liquid contains an ozone layer, which helps the water filter away water-borne contaminants.

    The water is then re-purified, and the water is added back into the water system, according the company’s website.

    When I’m doing my regular cleaning, I can use the water, so I can concentrate it in the tank and purify it to remove it.

    I can do that all the time.

    But if it’s too much, I’ll just add a little more water, and that’ll work just as well, said Paul Ritchie, vice-president of sales and marketing for Aquafini.

    He says the water- purifiers are an option for home water filtrators, because they work at room temperature and don’t require a compressor to purify the water.

    Ritchie says the company sells kits to home owners that include a range of filters, and each kit includes a water puricator that can be programmed to filter up to 90 per cent water before adding back in the rest of the system.

    The AquaFinum kit includes two filters that can each filter up 100 per cent; two water puriters for up to 75 per cent and two UV filters for up the rest.

    It also includes a set of pressure-sensitive pumps that can handle pressure levels as low as 10 millilitres per square centimetre.

    But a typical home water purger doesn’t need to use pressure-activated pumps, so the company says it can use a standard filter with no pumps.

    A typical filter has a base of 50 millilitre per square metre, but with the AquaFini system, the purifier can be set to filter a water volume of up to 300 milliliters.

    The aquafini purifiers also have a range, from the standard 500-millilitre water filter that purify about 60 per cent, to the 600-millimetre-permeable water filter, which purifies about 80 per per cent at room pressure.

    The company says the filters have been tested by the Canadian Water Quality Assessment Agency to prove they’re safe for home use.

    The filters are manufactured by Aquafination in Ontario.

    The products are sold in Canada through several retail outlets, including Home Depot, as well as online.


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