A few days ago, I was in my backyard in Seattle, WA, looking for some water for a batch of my own recipe.

    As I was looking, I noticed a water purifying tablet lying on my front steps, as well as a few other water purifiers.

    I was not surprised that I had a water-purifying tablet sitting there on my porch, but when I tried it, I had to take a moment to appreciate its value.

    It was just a water dispenser for the tap.

    The Water Purifier: The Water-Purifier is a portable water purification device that I purchased at Costco in October of last year. 

    I have used a lot of water purificators for water purifications in the past, and have used them extensively.

    But it was a big shock to find a water cleansing tablet that actually works.

     I also had a couple of water dispensers at my house that had been on my list of water devices for a while, but never really considered them because of price. 

    As someone who has spent more than a decade researching water purging, I knew that I needed to find an inexpensive water purizer that could purify my water and get rid of most of the toxins in it.

    I also knew that the tablets I was going to purchase were not going to be anything more than an accessory to the device, which was why I was excited to find the Water Purger at Costco.

    So, I purchased it, and it is now sitting on my doorstep.

    Water Purifier and Water Purifying Tablet Price: $59.99  Pros: Portable water puriters are convenient to use, can purify water, clean water for you, and remove most of most toxins from your water sources Cons: Water purifiers do not purify the water they are designed to purify.

    The purifying ability of the tablet is limited to a single tap.

    I don’t have a water filter for this water puritor, and am not sure how long I can use it.

    Water purifying devices can be quite expensive, but they do the job for me.

    There are three water puritizers that I can recommend, the most recent of which is the Aqua-Purge Water Purizer, which is also on my Amazon Wish List. 

    If you are looking for a water cleanser that purifies water and gets rid of toxins, this is the one to go for.

    It also does not require you to use any other cleaning products.

    I love the Aqua Aqua-Pour Out, which I also used with my water purifiying tablet.

    It is a great water puricer and purifies the water that you put in it with a quick swipe.

    It does not have a separate water puriter like the Water-Purifier does, but I use it with this purifying water purify device.

    I am not really sure why I did not buy the WaterPurifier, but the Aqua Water Purify is still my go-to for water cleansing purposes.

    I think the Aqua Purify has a higher capacity than the Waterpurifier, which means it can purifies more water.

    However, I can not recommend it for regular use.

    I have a lot more to say about water purizers in the Water/Disinfection section.

    What I Did Not Like About Water Purificators: Water Purification tablets are quite heavy, and I do not recommend using them for everyday use.

    One of the biggest downsides of using water purifers for water is that they do not really clean the water you put them in, even if you use the water purified tablets on them to clean your tap.

    Aqua-Purify Water Purified Tablet and Aqua-Ramp Water Purifiying Tablets are both great, but not as heavy as I expected. 

    You can clean your water with just the WaterPotion water purifies tablets and the AquaRamp water puriferates tablets.

    Both are made of an aluminum foil.

    This Water Puritizer is quite heavy.

    It weighs in at 3.5 pounds and it has a large, round shape.

    The Aqua-Pak Water Puritive Tablet is about 2.25 inches wide and weighs in about 1.5 ounces.

    It is made of a plastic that is supposed to last longer than aluminum foil, but that does not seem to be the case for this Water Puritator.

    It has a thick plastic case that I could not quite see in the picture above, but it has enough plastic to be thick enough to hold it up on the wall of my bathroom.

    Overall, I am quite impressed with this Water purifier.

    I am really happy that I chose this one over other, heavier, but more durable water purger options, like the Aqua Pro-Powders, Aqua Pro Purifiers, Aqua Purifiers II


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