Weird water purification devices that remove dangerous chemicals from water are causing fish and other aquatic life to suffer and pollute rivers and streams, a study suggests.

    Researchers at the University of Alberta say the devices can reduce the levels of nitrates and other chemicals found in water to levels that are unsafe for aquatic life.

    They say the chemicals, known as nitrosamines, can also affect the quality of water and cause health problems for fish.

    The devices, which are not regulated in Canada, are also being marketed as environmentally friendly.

    They can remove nitrosamine and other harmful chemicals from wastewater, but are also known to pollute waterways.

    The research was published online this week in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

    “There are many examples of people making a mistake,” said Dr. David Krysko, an assistant professor in the university’s Department of Environmental Health Sciences and lead author of the study.

    “They are often people who have been drinking contaminated water for a long time and they think it’s safe.

    That’s a big mistake.”

    The research group looked at how water purifying devices were being marketed in Canada and abroad.

    “What we found is that these devices are being marketed, they are being used, and there are no guidelines in place that regulate how they’re used,” said Krysok.

    “We also found that there’s a lack of regulation around the devices and they’re being marketed without being regulated.”

    The device used in this study was a “water purifier,” which is an electronic device that removes nitrates, nitrite and other contaminants from water.

    It has to be cleaned before it can be used.

    The device has two filters that are connected to a water purger.

    A filter removes nitrate from the water and a filter removes other chemicals.

    The two filters can be combined in one machine, but they can also be separated.

    The researchers said the devices have the potential to polluting waterways by polluting freshwater bodies.

    They also found there are concerns about the chemicals being released from the device.

    “One of the problems we have with this is that the devices may release nitrosaminones and other toxic chemicals into the water,” said Randal O’Toole, a senior scientist in the University’s Department to assess environmental health and safety issues in the North American water system.

    The devices can be bought online and in the store. “

    It’s not clear that we can safely dispose of the devices.”

    The devices can be bought online and in the store.

    They are designed to remove nitrates from wastewater.

    O’Reo said the researchers found the devices are made in China, but some manufacturers also make them in other countries, including Australia and Japan.

    In the US, the devices sold at hardware stores are made by the US-based company Technopak, and the Canadian company EcoTech has made the devices in Canada.

    The Canadian manufacturer EcoTech said it has received complaints from customers in the United States and other countries about the devices.

    “The device manufacturers that we have found in the U.S. have been contacted and have been assured that there is no safety issue related to the devices,” said EcoTech spokesperson Anna Nussbaum.

    “But we are not able to comment on the validity of those claims.”

    The company also said it would be investigating how the devices were used in Canada to ensure that they were safe.

    “All our water purifications are certified to EPA standards,” said Nussba.

    “So, we do not know if these devices comply with Canadian standards.

    We are working closely with our Canadian suppliers to ensure these devices do not cause any harm to our customers.”

    While the devices do remove nitrites and other pollutants from water, it’s not known how much of the nitrosamines they remove actually reach the water.

    Nussbum said it’s likely that many of the chemicals in the water that are released into the atmosphere, like nitrate and other toxins, enter the water system through landfills or surface runoff.

    “If these chemicals are released to the atmosphere through landfill runoff, they’re probably going to be there for years,” she said.

    The company is also working with local governments to ensure the devices work properly.

    The University of Calgary is also investigating the devices to determine if there are safety issues with them.

    “This is a critical step in helping our customers understand and understand what we’re doing and what our environmental health objectives are and what the impact of these devices on the environment are,” said O’Reilly.

    “For a lot to be safe and effective, they need to be approved.”


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