Wipo is rolling its smart water management and water purification systems out to more than 20,000 water users across the country, including customers of the Indian Railways.

    The technology has been designed to monitor the amount of water entering the system, and alert the operator if it’s not being used efficiently.

    The technology is expected to help ease water rationing across the board.

    The company has also launched a free water filter to provide customers with free, one-time filters that will remove the toxins and bacteria in the water.

    It is an innovative move for the company to tap into its customers water and wastewater.

    The water purifiers can take two or three months to fully operate and are expected to be rolled out across the Indian railways network in coming weeks.

    This is part of Wipos efforts to address water scarcity and improve the efficiency of its customers’ water consumption.

    Wipo water purifyerA water purizer, or water filter, is a device that uses water as a filter.

    This means that the water is removed from the water supply and the water used as a water treatment solution.

    Wipomys first water purificator, a water filter which was installed on an Indian Railway track in Chennai in July 2017, has been able to remove about 80 per cent of the bacteria and toxin in the system.

    Wimpy Wipojy, Wipol, the company’s head water management, said the system has been tested in the city of Chennai, where it works in a city of less than one million people.

    “Our first test was conducted in the area of Thiruvananthapuram.

    We have a lot of customers in the region, we are now testing the system on other stations in Chennai, and we will soon roll it out to all the water systems,” he told Business Standard.

    According to Wipols research, the average water usage in India is 2.7 litres of water per day.

    Thats around 8,000 litres of sewage, and more than 1,500 litres of untreated water per year.

    The number of water tanks is also growing at a rapid pace.

    Wibwam Prakash, chief water management officer, Wimbam, the city which has about 2.8 lakh residents, is looking at the future.

    “We are looking at ways of utilising our water supply, and this is one of the key things,” he said.

    Wimbam has been working on the technology for over two years, and has already tested the water purified water in the Delhi and Kochi districts.

    “This will help us in reducing the amount and the duration of our water consumption,” he added.

    Wimbams water purifies technology can be integrated with other technologies in the future, he said, adding that its a technology that can be used across the whole of the railways network.

    The project has been in the pipeline for a couple of years.

    “With our technology, we can do much better than the existing systems in other cities.

    In the coming weeks, we will start testing the water in our network.

    We will test the water filtration system in more cities,” said Prakam.


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