The Lad has made some significant improvements to its water purification system in the past year, including a new water purifying unit, the addition of a water purifiers air filtration system, and an improved heat source.

    But it’s still an old water purging unit.

    The company announced today that it has introduced a new version of the unit that it claims will be cheaper and faster to operate.

    The Lad says it’s offering the new unit for $30,000.

    The new model has been built with a new battery technology that the company says should be more reliable.

    The unit is also capable of producing clean water in a fraction of the time it takes a conventional water purser.

    The updated water purificator uses a patented thermal-activated heat exchanger, a technology that can operate at temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (620 degrees Celsius).

    It also uses a thermal transfer mechanism to transfer heat from the heat exchangers to the water and back.

    The heat exchangs also help to reduce the amount of water that needs to be added to the boiler to run the unit.

    As the heat transfers from the boiler, the water evaporates from the water filters and passes through the water purifyers air filts and heat exchanges.

    The result is a water that is cleaner than it was before.

    A previous model of the Lad water purzer used a copper piping system to filter water through a copper water filter and heat transfer, which resulted in a high volume of water flowing through the filter.

    The redesigned water purizer uses a new heat exchange that allows it to process water in less time, while also eliminating the copper piping problem.

    “The Lad’s new technology allows for faster and easier operation, and we’re pleased to be able to offer the new water system for less money,” said Mike Leib, the company’s chief marketing officer.

    “This new water filter technology is better suited to the Lad’s high-end products, and it should be a much more reliable and effective water puriter.”

    The company is still working on adding other improvements to the new model, including making it easier to add a new filter and an upgraded heat exchang.

    The update is expected to be ready for use in early 2018.

    The $30k water purger is an upgrade over the original version of its water filter that cost $50,000 and had a poor performance.

    In addition to a more powerful cooling system, the new version should be able, the Lad says, to filter up to 80 percent of the water in use in a single batch.

    The cost of the new system is expected not to exceed $50 per batch, which the company estimates to be about $15 a batch.

    It says it plans to offer its water filters at more than 1,200 retailers worldwide.

    The brand has also invested in a water-quality test program that should help customers detect problems with the new filter.


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