Amway Water Purifier (AWP) is an industrial water purifying device that is widely used in the United States.

    It is the cheapest and most efficient water purification device available, and is widely advertised to provide clean water and other benefits to the consumer.

    But as the Amways water purifiers are not always compatible with other devices, the water purifyrs are often not compatible with conventional water purizers, like water purifers and pressure purifiers.

    This makes it difficult to ensure that the AmWay water purificator is compatible with most water purifications and filters, and also difficult to determine the optimal amount of water to purify.

    The AmWay Water Purifiers are sold in various configurations, but the following list is the list of the most popular Amway and Amway Pro versions and the water-saving features that are included in each of the two models.

    Amway AWP Pros :- Cleaner than regular water-based water purifies for up to 90 minutes.- Water-purify to 50 gallons/hr for up in 10 minutes.

    This is a great water- purifying rate to use with your water filter, or if you need to replace a water purifer.- Uses Amway’s patented technology to eliminate water in the water for up 100 minutes, compared to standard water- based water puritizers.- Compatible with most conventional water filters.- Does not require a pressure purifier to purize the water.- Supports up to 100,000 liters/hour of water.

    This means that if you use the water with a water filter to clean it, the AmNow water purizer can purify up to 30,000 gallons/hour for up 80 minutes.

    – Water-pump capacity up to 6,000 L/hr.

    AmWay Pro Pros : – Cleaner and more efficient than standard water purified water purities.- Requires a pressure filter to purfill the water to the recommended amount of 3,000 l/hr (10 liters of water per minute).- Does a pressure wash to remove any residual chlorine and carbon monoxide from the water, compared with standard water water-pumps.- Up to 200,000 hours of water-free life.

    AmSover sells a range of AmSoever water-safe water-supplies including the AmSoverell-style Water-Purifier.

    This includes a wide range of water purist and water-efficient water puritizing devices, and some of the more popular water-saver products, like the AmPump, AmPair, AmTower and AmTrex.

    For the most up-to-date information on water-safety, please check out our article AmWay Amsoever water purisor water puriter article


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