New Zealand has announced that it will allow customers to buy water purifiers, which it says will reduce carbon emissions and boost water supplies by helping to keep the country’s rivers clean.

    The government’s announcement follows a $15 million funding boost to the water purifying industry from the Government’s Green Economy Fund, which was announced in September.

    The fund will be available for companies to bid for the first time, and for companies that already have licences to sell water purifies.

    In its announcement, the Ministry of Environmental Affairs said it was looking at a range of options to ensure the supply of water purifyr and water purifers were being delivered efficiently and effectively.

    “We want to reduce the amount of water needed to irrigate our farms and towns and we want to make sure we are getting the water we need to water our homes, and we have a plan in place to achieve this,” the ministry said.

    Water purifiers have been a staple of New Zealand’s agriculture for years.

    Last year, the country produced around 200 million litres of water, and more than 300 million litres were pumped out of the ground annually, according to the Ministry.

    It’s hoped that the new technology will help to meet the countrys climate goals of cutting greenhouse gas emissions and by reducing water shortages, which are exacerbated by the drought in the Pacific Rim region.

    Auckland-based water purifiators are designed to filter and purify water from the soil, but have been controversial among farmers, who have complained about the high cost and long delays to their delivery.

    Currently, water purifications are delivered by truck and cost between $1,500 and $2,000 depending on the size of the unit, but there is no guarantee that a manufacturer will deliver the required equipment and supply.

    While the new system may have been the right choice for New Zealand, it may not be the one for other countries in the region, where a growing number of cities have started to experiment with water purified homes.

    At the same time, the government is also launching a research and development programme to identify new water purificators, including one for the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian oceans.

    This is in line with the Climate Change Action Plan announced in 2020, which called for developing technologies to meet regional climate goals.

    New Zealand will be the first country to introduce a new type of water source to meet climate change targets.

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