A gel-like liquid water purifiers can be a lifesaver in the face of dehydration, as well as helping people avoid becoming dehydrated, a new study suggests.

    A new study has found that people who use a gel-based water purification system are less likely to become dehydrated after using it for at least two weeks.

    The study found that the gel-type water purifying systems were able to eliminate as much as 90 per cent of the bacteria from the water.

    “It was very clear to me that people using a gel water puritizer are significantly less likely than those using an ordinary water purifyer to become symptomatic,” Professor Peter Lai, a senior lecturer in microbiology at the University of NSW, said.

    Professor Lai said it was difficult to assess the effectiveness of the gel water systems because it was based on the assumption that it was more effective than a regular water purificator.

    “The gel type system is actually better than an ordinary pure water system, but it does not eliminate bacteria and it doesn’t provide any sort of safety margin,” he said.

    “So the efficacy of this water puri­tion is dependent on how much bacteria you have and how well you get rid a lot of bacteria.

    It is difficult to say how effective it is because it is based on what the manufacturer says is better, but the gel type water purifications are probably very good.”

    The gel water system is not just for the thirsty It may sound like a very niche product, but Dr Lai believes it could be an effective alternative to the usual tap water.

    “It is very, very niche, and I don’t think it is that popular,” he told ABC News.

    “But it could very well be a useful alternative for people in Australia.”

    The study was based in the Western Australian city of Darwin, and involved 12 people who were not using a traditional water purit­i­cal system and two people who used the gel system.

    Dr Lai used a water purist’s technique called the Heated Purification Method, which involves adding the liquid in a container to the tap water to purify it.

    The liquid is then sent to a purification machine that produces a purified water that can be poured into a glass jug for drinking.

    The study said the gel purified water systems were less likely in terms of their efficacy than standard pure water systems.

    However, it said there was evidence that people were able at least three times longer to remove a water-borne bacteria from their urine if they used a gel version of the system.

    Professor L.A. said people could also avoid the need for a regular tap water puriter if they tried the gel version.

    “I think gel water can also be a very convenient way of getting rid of some of the excess water in a system,” he added.

    While some gel water solutions are marketed as “gummed” and are intended to be used as a last resort, the researchers said they found they were not necessarily toxic.

    They also found the gel systems were not as effective as water purizers as they were designed to be.

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