A new invention from Indian inventor Rajesh Kannan is meant to stop leaking water purification systems from leaking and getting into your eyes.

    The device is called the “water purifier” and is made of a flexible metal and has a built-in camera.

    The device can detect the presence of bacteria and remove it by washing the system with a small amount of water.

    The water is then pumped back into the system.

    This means that the water does not have to be purified by an expensive water purifying machine.

    In fact, the device uses a small pump to clean the water.

    It also does not require any electricity.

    The whole device takes around an hour to set up.

    The technology is currently being tested in a lab and will soon be on the market.

    The company says the device has a wide range of features, including its ability to detect bacteria in a wide variety of water filtration systems.

    “Our water purifers have different features for each type of water purifi cation.

    In addition, they have different capacity and cleaning times,” said Rajesh.

    He added that the device will also be compatible with any water purified product, including home-based water filtrains, water heaters, and so on.


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