The water in our homes is contaminated with a toxic gas, fluoride, that’s also a carcinogen, so we need a way to stop that.

    But even if we don’t drink or use fluoridated water, there’s always a chance we’re drinking contaminated water.

    So the EPA has developed a new filter that purifies your water from fluoride before it gets into your drink.

    We’re testing this water filter on millions of people and it’s going to be ready in March 2019.

    It uses a chemical that’s been developed specifically to purify water and filters out contaminants from the water before they get into our bodies.

    It also uses an ultraviolet light filter that kills the bacteria that cause water fluorosis.

    The EPA has been testing this new filter on a lot of people, and it is a huge step forward.

    The filters have been in use for about a decade, and so far, they’ve been effective at removing fluoride from the drinking water of more than half of all Americans.

    And we are seeing improvements.

    I want to thank you all for joining me today.

    The Hill article Cleaning Up Your Fluoride Filter The EPA is testing the filters that purify drinking water on millions and millions of Americans.

    The testing of this new water filter is being done by thousands of people across the country.

    But some of the people testing are just getting started, and they need your help to get the filters out.

    We need to get a lot more people testing, but we need to find out exactly how effective the filters are.

    And that’s why we’re asking for your help.

    The first 100 people to test for fluoride at a location can help us identify any problems.

    You can test at any home or business in the United States and the EPA will send you samples to test and send a test kit.

    There’s also an online survey.

    There are about 2 million Americans who are eligible to participate.

    That means we can send out tens of thousands of samples.

    But this is only the beginning.

    The more people test, the more we can test.

    This is just the beginning, but if you’re a new participant and you’re willing to take a little extra time to test, then we can get you tested for fluoride in your drinking water by March 2019, and we can have you tested in the first month of 2020.

    That’s when we can make a dent in the amount of water in your water supply.

    So, if you have water that’s already been contaminated by fluoride, then you can’t use this new technology.

    And you’re welcome to take the test.

    But if you do use this filter, please test it for a few weeks.

    The FDA is also testing the new filter in people who drink tap water.

    The Food and Drug Administration says that tap water testing is already happening in the U.S., and we are confident that the FDA’s testing will also help us understand the effectiveness of this filter in preventing water fluoroses in drinking water.

    We’ll be working with the FDA and other partners to test this filter and determine how effective it is.

    The U.K. and other countries have tested water from the U,S.

    and Europe.

    They found that tap-water fluorosis is relatively rare in these regions.

    We want to do the same thing in the UK, too.

    So we’re encouraging people to go and take a test.

    And then we’ll take those samples and test them on their tap water for fluoride.

    If you have a problem with drinking tap water, please call your local water company, ask about testing, and test it.

    The best way to get your water tested for water fluorosities is to contact your local health authority.

    You will get a test result and a notification about when the test will be completed.

    In most cases, people can test their tap-waters without worrying about the chemicals in the water, and you can make sure your tap-wort is clean and free of fluoride before you drink it.

    But there are some places that require you to test your tap water first, and some people are worried about the fluoride levels in tap water after they’ve tested.

    We have a simple way to test if your tapwater is fluoridated, and that’s to call your municipal water company.

    We are working with them on a test plan for testing tap-bottled water.

    In the meantime, we encourage you to call local water companies to test their water for fluorosis if you can.

    There is a lot that we can do for you, and the FDA will provide more information as it gets closer to testing.

    The Water Fluoridation Fact Sheet provides information about the federal and state fluoridation programs and other resources to help you understand the benefits of the government programs and what you can do to help reduce your exposure to water fluoridation.

    The information in the Fact Sheet is updated periodically to reflect new information and changes in research


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