The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said it has received more than 400,000 complaints about a “low quality” water purifying device.

    A report on the FDA website showed the number of complaints about the device spiked last year from 5,622 to 18,527.

    The devices are made by the water purification company Easywell, and the FDA says it has reviewed more than 2,000 consumer complaints about its products.

    It said the complaints are currently under review and the agency will issue an enforcement action.

    “We are committed to conducting thorough, impartial, and timely investigations and take this matter seriously,” the FDA said in a statement on Wednesday.

    The agency also said the water filters it received from Easywell were “designed to provide safe and effective water purifiers” and did not contain “non-toxic or safe” ingredients.

    The agency says it is investigating whether any of the devices were manufactured with “dilute or diluted” chemicals.

    The FDA has said that many consumers are using the devices to water purify their homes or businesses.

    In February, the agency said that more than 1,500 cases of the water filter problems had been reported.

    The company has not said whether it will recall or replace the devices.


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