The Globe and Mail:Wal-Mart will open a fully-fledged water purifying plant in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, on Wednesday.

    It will be the first fully automated, fully watered water supply facility in Canada, according to the company.

    The $25-million project will begin in late January.

    “This will allow us to offer a full service of water purifiers, boilers, coolers and distribution systems,” said Mark D. Dufault, vice-president and chief executive officer of Wal-mart Canada, during a press conference on Tuesday.

    Dufault said that the plant will be located at the new Wal-Marts headquarters at the corner of St. Mary’s and Queen Street in Dartmouth.

    “It’s the most efficient, environmentally friendly, and efficient facility for water purifications,” he said.

    The water supply system will be similar to the ones that are being installed at Wal-marts in the U.S., he added.

    “The water will be purified in a process similar to a traditional water filtration system,” Dufaultsaid.

    “But with a new water purifactory, it will be a completely automated process.”

    According to the Wal-mans website, the facility will be able to supply up to 100,000 litres of water per day.

    Dafault said the water supply will be delivered in a 30-day delivery schedule, which means it will not need to be replaced for more than a year.

    He said that, although it is a first for Canada, the company plans to have a fully automated system in place in other countries in the near future.

    The project will be funded through a federal grant, Dufaux said.

    In Canada, water is treated by a number of different methods.

    The most common method is by a combination of chloramine and nitrate, both of which are added to the water before it is added to a filtrate.

    In a country like Canada, where there are millions of residents and people who live near the water source, this process can be problematic.

    The process of filtering the water also requires additional equipment.

    The water will then be cooled and then treated.

    The process can also be complicated, especially if the water has been sitting in a hot, polluted environment for too long.

    Dafault added that the water system will only be used in areas that are in the midst of an outbreak of a disease.

    The company is currently monitoring water levels in the city and expects to have more information about the situation in the coming weeks.

    Wal-mains water purifyerThe company also announced plans to build an automated water purifiace plant in the United States.

    The system will operate as a pilot project, Dafaultsaid, and will begin operation in early 2019.

    According to the announcement, the water purifer will be supplied to households with no water to drink.

    The plant will then deliver water to the city’s water treatment plant in Fredericton, New Brunswick, to be turned into tap water.

    Daultsaid said that this system is more environmentally friendly than existing systems.

    “In a city like New Brunswick where we have a high population density, water can accumulate on sidewalks, in parks and other public areas,” he added, adding that the company will test the water at a new site in Frederichon next month.

    The company is also partnering with a number local businesses to make sure the water is safe.

    “We will be providing samples of the water to businesses, as well as providing a sampling kit to ensure the water meets the provincial standards for safe drinking water,” Dafaultsays.

    Difault said it will also install automated water filters that will help ensure that the system is safe to drink and will be used for drinking water in areas where it is not safe to do so.

    The automated water filters are expected to be in place by the end of this year.

    The Halifax-based company has a number plants in Canada that purify municipal water.

    The facility in Dartmouth will be built as part of a $50-million investment in the area.

    The Dartmouth plant will produce water for the municipality, and the water will also be used by residents of the municipality’s water system.

    The new water system is expected to generate $15 million in revenue for the Halifax-area municipality and $5 million in the province.

    The Canadian Water Quality Authority (CWQA) is reviewing the plant’s operations to ensure that they comply with regulations in the country, according a spokesperson for the CWQA.

    The CBC reported that the CW QA is considering the project, but Dufaldonsaid that the facility is not expected to impact residents in the surrounding area.

    Duffault said in an interview that the city is currently working with a partner to address issues with the system.

    “I think we’ll be able make it work in the long term


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