There are no other pure water purifiers that can purify water at such high levels, according to Kohler.

    “The purity of the water we produce in Kohler is just extraordinary,” Kohler CEO Richard Kohler said.

    “Our water is just purer than anything we produce anywhere else in the world.

    We have an incredibly clean water supply and we have never seen it come down to less than one-fifth.”

    Kohler uses anaerobic digestion to remove toxins from the water, so the water is always free of bacteria, and it doesn’t absorb carbon dioxide.

    The Kohler Water Purifier also uses a “chemical wash” to kill bacteria.

    Kohler says the water purification process is environmentally friendly and that it is more energy efficient than traditional systems.

    Kohlers purifies water from natural resources, including the land it uses to grow the plants.

    The company uses less energy than conventional systems.

    “We don’t use any chemicals.

    All of our plants are biodegradable,” Kohlers CEO said.

    Kohli says it has reduced its use of energy and carbon dioxide emissions by more than half since it started making water purifying machines in 2009.


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