Canada’s zephyr hill aquifer is experiencing the largest burst of spring water in its history.

    The aquifer, which stretches through three provinces, contains nearly 30 billion litres of water, which is enough to supply about 40 million people for an entire year.

    But when the water goes, so does the zephyrs water.

    The Canadian Water Quality Authority says the water in the aquifer has been contaminated with contaminants, which has led to the release of toxins and other contaminants into the air.CBC News spoke with an expert who says if the water is contaminated, it’s going to be bad.

    Dr. Daniel Gavaris, the director of the Centre for Watershed Sciences at the University of Alberta, says it’s possible the zebrafish will die.

    He says the fish may get sick.CBC has reached out to Canada’s water ministry for comment.

    (Google News)”We have been concerned for a number of years about the possibility that the water might be contaminated, but it’s not yet clear,” Dr. Gavares said.

    “We’ve also had concerns about some of the chemicals that have been released into the environment, and I would be surprised if that wasn’t going to continue.”

    Dr. Gawaris said that after a few months, the water should be safe to drink again.CBC is calling on Canada’s government to take urgent action to stop the release.

    We want the government to do the right thing and clean up the water, and immediately take action to protect the water supply of zephys zephreys and other aquatic animals and to prevent the release into the surrounding environment,” said David Faucher, a professor at the university’s school of environmental and biological sciences.


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