The new trend of charcoal water was first spotted in a YouTube video from an American company that manufactures a water purification system that uses a chemical called sodium carbonate to flush out the bacteria in the human body.

    The company claims the water is more effective than regular water because it removes harmful toxins and helps the body detoxify itself.

    But some health experts say the water may not be as effective as it claims.

    According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the water purifiers have been linked to cancer, heart disease and kidney problems.

    While the American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed the use of charcoal-based water, a recent report from the FDA said that charcoal water can still cause some health problems if used improperly.

    “Charcoal water is not an FDA-approved health product, but it is a safe and effective way to remove harmful toxins from your body,” the FDA warned.

    Charcoal water has long been a popular alternative to tap water.

    While many people use the water for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth and brushing their teeth, it’s a less than ideal choice for brushing your teeth or brushing your nails because it is more acidic than regular tap water and can lead to skin irritation and even bacteria.

    The FDA says charcoal water should not be used for brushing, since it can cause irritation to the skin.

    Char-coated water has also been used in beauty treatments.

    Charcol, a company that has been around for nearly a decade, has been touting its charcoal water as a safe alternative to regular tap.

    The new technology can be found in a lot of home products, including toothpaste, toothpaste cleansers, toothbrush cleaners, hair care products, hair dryers, shampoo, deodorant, de-odorant products, soap, shampoo lotion, toothbrushes and other products.

    But the FDA has not yet approved the product for use in human health.

    According a report from The Consumerist, a blog run by consumer rights group Public Citizen, there are health concerns with the product, including it being more toxic than tap water, it can lead people to get a bacterial infection and it may be less effective than other home cleaning products.

    The group said it’s concerned that charcoal may contain chemicals that may harm people who are allergic to chlorine or lead, or who have heart disease.

    The American Cancer Society recommends using filtered water for the majority of your cleaning needs.

    It says charcoal is also a more toxic water because of the chlorine and lead in it.

    “The American Cancer Societe recommends using a filter and not using charcoal water to disinfect your home,” a spokesperson for the group told The Consumerists.

    “A filter may also be necessary for cleaning your home if the water contains chloramines, a toxic chemical that can cause skin irritation, skin cancer and birth defects.”

    It’s unclear if charcoal water is approved for human use.

    The Food and Drug Administration, which regulates home health products, said it does not regulate charcoal water.

    The agency also said it will not regulate any of the products advertised on the company’s website, including the charcoal water, but that the company may use a disclaimer to explain that the product is not approved for humans.

    A spokesperson for Charcoal Water told The New York Times that the safety of charcoal products is an open question and is under review.

    “We have a strong safety record in our charcoal water and are currently in the process of updating our product labels,” the spokesperson told the newspaper.

    Charciorom, which has been in business for more than 30 years, does not have a formal website.


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