Water purifiers are a big part of the city’s water supply, but it’s a much smaller part of residents’ budgets than it used to be.

    The city’s budget is down about $3 billion this year, and that includes about $1.5 billion in water bills.

    “There’s a lot of people who are using water filters now,” said Jim Gannon, who heads the city Water Quality Improvement Program, which works with residents to find solutions.

    He said the biggest problem with the city now is that the number of filters in use is much higher than what it used have been.

    So, as the number grows, so do the costs.

    Gannon said the city has had to increase the cost of filters to make up for the reduced revenue.

    Water purifiers cost about $5,000 each, and the city says that’s the most expensive part of a filter.

    And Gannon said filters also have a negative impact on the quality of the water in the city, and some filters are toxic.

    One filter in particular, called a polyethylene filter, is made of polyethylenimine, a chemical that can cause lung cancer.

    Gills said the costs are growing, and more people are using them, which is why they’re expensive.

    In some areas, such as New Orleans, the city is going to have to cut back on the amount of water filters people use.

    But there’s a growing demand for the technology, and Gannon hopes to find new ways to use it in other parts of the country.

    Some cities are already starting to look at the costs of water purifiers, Gannon noted.

    There’s been an increase in the amount and variety of filters and filters that are available in the marketplace.

    It’s really not a big concern,” he said.

    But Gannon warned that filters will cost more than the money they save.

    They can cost more to clean than the filters are supposed to cost, so we need to make sure that the city of New Orleans keeps an eye on that, Gannasaid.

    For now, he said the only thing the city can do is work with local businesses to make filters more efficient.

    We have to be vigilant, and work with them to make it more efficient, Golan told WDSU Newsradio 1030.

    WDSU’s Mike Devereaux contributed to this report.


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